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Arnab Goswami ’s Republic TV rolls out ‘Nation Still Wants To Know’

Arnab Goswami Republic TV


Arnab Goswami ’s Republic TV rolls out ‘Nation Still Wants To Know’

Journalist Arnab Goswami’s destined to-be propelled news channel Republic TV on Tuesday revealed an open air showcasing effort with the expression “the country still needs to know”, proceeding with a trademark possession fight with his previous manager Times Group.

Bennett, Coleman and Co. Ltd (BCCL) or Times Group runs the English dialect news channels Times Now and ET Now (both through the Times Network) and distributes The Times of India and The Economic Times daily papers.

In a Twitter post, Republic TV (a piece of ARG Outlier Media Pvt. Ltd) tweeted a photo of one of the bulletins including Goswami and the new expression on Tuesday morning, seven days after The Times Group served Arnab Goswami lawful notice over endeavors to trademark “the country needs to know”, an expression he made his own particular amid his time with Times Now.

Arnab Goswami, who was president and editorial manager in-head of news channels Times Now and ET Now, quit the organization on 1 November 2016.

“Bennett, Coleman and Co. Ltd ought to put out a survey on their online webpage and the daily paper, soliciting the general population from India whether they (BCCL) claim the expression ‘the country needs to know’ and furthermore what number of individuals trust that they authored the adage. They ought to distribute the outcomes on the front page of the Times of India. That would be the most straightforward thing for them to do,” said Goswami, remarking on the trademark issue.

Times Network declined to remark.

Neither organization legitimately claims the expression. While BCCL had petitioned for a trademark of the two expressions “country needs to know” and “the country needs to know” in December 2016, ARG Outlier Media Pvt. Ltd petitioned for a trademark for similar expressions in January 2017. Times Group reacted with a lawful notice.

As indicated by the Section 2 (zb) of The Trademarks Act, 1999, a “trademark means a check equipped for being spoken to graphically and which is fit for recognizing the merchandise or administrations of one individual from those of others and may incorporate state of products, their bundling and mix of Colors”.

A stamp can incorporate a gadget, mark, heading, name, ticket, name, signature, word, letter, numeral, state of merchandise, bundling or blend of hues or any such mixes.

Lawful specialists say that it will be troublesome for both sides to case responsibility for expression which might be utilized as a part of regular speech. “Under typical conditions, it is the business to whom a trademark has a place, regardless of the possibility that the worker has begat it. Be that as it may, ‘the country needs to know’ is an exceptionally expressive and normal expression. Both the gatherings here have a high bar to case elite rights over the expression,” said Shamnad Basheer, previous seat educator of IP law at the West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata, and organizer of the site SpicyIP.

Goswami’s Republic as of late got administrative endorsements from the data and broadcasting service and has been forcefully promoting its dispatch



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