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13 Things That Introverts Would Never Tell You

introvert 13 Things That Introverts Would Never Tell You

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13 Things That Introverts Would Never Tell You

Introverts are quite different from extroverts, Introverts get bad rap in the world that celebrates extroversion and people-persons. There are a lot of things introverts wish you know about them which might help in any relationship. It might look introverts are depressed and anti social but in reality They are different!!. Introverts say that they have “ways” which can be understand by their closest friends. So here are things you may not know about introverts.

We don’t need you to care about our birthday

Yes we don’t need you to care about our birthday, introverts have friends who really know what they want. However, majority of introverts don’t like to celebrate their birthday or any events if that are less important.

We don’t care about your birthday

Any introverts would never like to be invited or forced for the birthday party which they really don’t care about. Even if they accept invitations they feel annoying in front of 200 people doing party. Introverts feel relieved at home rather then any birthday party.

We are not really listening about how you enjoyed your last weekend

If you are not from our close group circle, we don’t care how you spend your last weekend. We have a different mindset and we are in the world of privacy, the world which is our own in our mind. are not good peoples but are honest which sometimes hurts.

We know how to get stuff doneWe don’t judge any one and give to much energy to people we don’t know about.

We hate crowds

When it comes to introvert it is hard to remain in crowds and use their energy. Large group of people make introverts tired.

Introverts don’t really like networking event

Networking is important part when it comes to business. It is hard for introverts to run business and perform in events. As introverts take more time in comparison of extroverts because they have to select event they wanted to go and plan for same accordingly.

We force ourselves to act like “we like you” but we don’t!!

Introverts knows who they like and who they not. It is really a nasty truth. It does’t mean introverts are not good peoples but are honest which sometimes hurts.

We know how to get stuff done

Introverts mainly spend their time alone which can be game changing situation for them and you too. In their free time introvert learn about new things, do extra activity, study, get knowledge and utilize internet effectively. If they are alone we can’t expect what can happen, a little spark can change the world.

We like to write everything

Introverts like to write everything they come to know instantly for example –  Any ideas or any tips for own self. They notedown all the things.

We feel safe with the right people

Introverts need a good and trusted person, if they got this they can change they world and fight like warriors do. It might take time for introvert to find right people but they get it some how some where. Once they find right person they never hold back.

Introverts can do the extrovert thing, for a while.

Yes!! introverts can speak publicly and go to party but for limited time they do this willingly, knowing that at the end of the day we can go home back.

Introverts are not shy, rude or uptight

Introverts can make you happy hold down conversations for more then 15 minutes if they willing to do so. They can’t be fake or do drama to remain happy and make you laugh they are sometime straight forward that migh hurt some one.

Introverts are OK alone.

As introverts are far from the world where people socialize themself and know about eachother, enjoy the lifes. They are happy alone and working with their own stuff.

Introvert hate small talk

Introvert peoples are more in thinking and ideas they get bored in small conversations

These were few things you should know about introverts kindly share with others and let them know how their friend are thinking as an introvert personality.




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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Mansee Patel

    April 14, 2017 at 6:40 am

    By reading the article, I also got an insight that Introverts are people who like to be alone!!
    Is it?

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